SPRITE data discussion
SPRITE data discussion
Posted by Pen Hadow

Sunday, 09 Nov 2008 00:00

I attended a very useful conference call today with our Scientific Advisor, Professor Wieslaw Maslowski (Naval Postgraduate School), Rich Hilton of Infoterra and our radar designer, Michael Gorman. The objective of the discussion was to determine the nature of the 5% of sea ice thickness data sent back to the UK on a daily basis.


We all agreed that 1.6m of data every 30m would be stored and sent back on a nightly basis.


This, with the weather data from the Met Office, will be entered into Professor Maslowski’s supercomputer climate forecast models for processing.


It is worth mentioning that the other 95% of sea-ice data will be stored on compact flash cards on the sledge so that the entire data set of the CAS transect route can be analysed after the expedition.

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