Psychological Preparation

Of equal significance for today’s elite athletes is thorough psychological preparation – both as individuals and as a coherent team. Whilst Pen, Ann and Martin are all veterans of polar exploration and have already proven their mental resilience, the wider scientific implications of the Catlin Arctic Survey inevitably contribute additional pressures beyond any of their previous personal endeavours.

Reinforcing their positive approach through a combination of visualisation techniques, open discussion and consideration of potential contingencies, Dr Mark Wilson (also of the Sport & Health Sciences Dept at Exeter University) facilitates various informal group sessions to further prepare the team.

Success will undoubtedly rely upon a monumental collective team effort – particularly against the harsh and unforgiving environment of the polar ice cap.

Mark first met Pen Hadow two years ago while Pen was preparing for a planned solo attempt at crossing the Arctic Ocean; alone and unsupported.

From a psychological perspective, the demands of this project will be very different to a solo expedition.

Performing as an effective team will be an absolutely key requirement and it is imperative that Pen, Ann and Martin are clear about their separate roles and responsibilities.

Prior to stepping foot on the ice, Mark and the other support staff will be examining each of the team members' preferred working styles and determining potential 'pressure points' where problems may arise.

Mark will also help the team members to develop their own strategies for dealing with the combined pressures of fatigue, cold, hunger, tension and perceived pressure, which will be part of their daily lives for three months

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