Resources 12 and over

Arctic Survey Education enables students to access live data, recorded data and useful tools to help analyse that data in a 'real world' context.

The first learning programme has been developed to support geography teaching at college (UK: GCSE and A Level), offering the opportunity to download simplified real-time ice-depth data from the expedition team as they walk across and swim through the Arctic sea ice.

  • Geography: Follow the expedition, use analytical thinking and debate solutions to climate change
  • Science: explore the science behind climate change and methods used to measure change in the arctic sea ice. COMING SOON!
  • Mathematics: using mathematical skills to complete a ‘virtual expedition’, analyse data and communicate possible solutions. COMING SOON!

Good learning requires support not only from teachers, but also parents and friends. If you would also like to learn and at the same time help young people, then use these links to see how Arctic Survey Education resources provide good case study material for teachers and students alike.

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