Central Data Unit

The CDU is often referred as the “Onboard Sledge Computer”

Sending data direct from the ice

Direct communications from polar expeditions to back home have, up until now, been severely restricted, at least when compared to communicating from other regions of the world. This is due to the extremely narrow bandwidth and resulting low data transmission rate offered by Iridium, the only available satellite network operating over the polar regions.

However using both innovative strategies and state-of-the-art equipment, the expedition’s Ice Team will be able to transmit video and web cam footage and high-resolution still images directly from the Arctic Ocean. A custom-built, onboard sledge computer coupled to a multi-modem, Iridium data-uplink system has been specially designed to withstand the deep cold and rough use in a polar environment. This equipment will receive, reformat, store, compress and most importantly transmit all of the vital science, image, audio, video and bio-telemetry data back to the UK HQ – on a live, delayed live or overnight basis.

By linking reportage-style web-cam footage and live audio commentaries (for example) to the data generated from body-worn bio-monitors (another area of technological innovation) it will be possible for people not just to follow the team's progress, but to experience it.

This innovative transmission technology will connect Pen and the team directly to newsrooms, websites, mobile phones and PCs allowing a global audience to be directly connected to what is happening on the ice.

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Central Data Unit gallery, photos of team and expedition.
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