Climate Change Awareness for Families and Schools

It is vital that people across the world, especially young people, learn about the impacts of climate change. Arctic Survey Education aims to help families and schools understand how, as responsible citizens, we are all able to help mitigate those changes that risk affecting our environment so dramatically.

These pages are a growing collection of learning and teaching resources. They seek to build on the work of the Catlin Arctic Survey, together with that of its Science Partners, on the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice thickness.

Arctic Survey Education is supporting the development of a series of Learning Toolkits that act as case studies, adaptable for all ages. The resources are written and tested with teachers.

The resources are equally suitable for parents, other adults and young people learning together. They can help people to think about the importance of what they, and the world, can do to gain a greater awareness of climate change.

The Learning resources will range from a fun yet serious online book serial for younger children to the analysis of expedition data for older students. A highlight of the activities is the collaboration with The Student Earth Summit at the London O2 in November.

Education Links
  • Resources 9-11: Innovative ways of inspiring young children to comprehend the importance of responding to climate change
  • Resources 12+: Live the journey through active participation in data gathering and analysis
  • Families: Support for family activities, learning, homework and the classroom
  • Ice Recording Chart: Download this useful template
Founder Members/Major Donors

Arctic Survey Education resources are created with the help and support of the Arctic Survey Education Founder Members

  • Aspen Group
  • Business in the Community and The Prince's May Day Network
  • Catlin Group
  • Linklaters LLP
  • Miller Insurance Group Ltd
  • Royal Geographical Society with IBG
  • United Utilities plc
  • University of Cambridge Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
  • Willis Group
  • WWF

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