The Catlin Arctic Survey is not only using cutting-edge technology to collect much-needed scientific data but it is doing so in one of the harshest and most remote environments on earth. Preparation is absolutely key to the success of this project. The extensive specialist support team will ensure that all aspects of the project are meticulously planned and executed.

Pre-Expedition Training, Broughton Island (Canadian High Arctic)

The Pre-Expedition Training will be held in early January in the Canadian High Arctic. The Ice Team plus three members of the Operations Team will be based on Broughton Island for two weeks.

The objective of the trip is to conduct extensive training with the scientific and communications equipment, in an environment that mirrors that of the expedition itself.

Mimicking the daily routine of ‘life on the ice’ will be the primary objective of the trip. This will include travelling across the surface of the ice, crossing leads of open water, camping, cooking, erecting the tent, communicating with both the base and PR teams and, of course, capturing scientific data using SPRITE, the SeaCat probe and the Mora ice drill.

Fitness & Training

The Ice Team is undertaking a range of thorough skills training to prepare themselves for the mental and physical challenges of a 1,200-km trek through one of the harshest environments on earth. Their support team is compiled of a variety of experts who cover every aspect of the expedition. The core focus in the build up to departure will be intense Physical fitness training, Medical training, Amphibious training, Firearms training, Psychological preparation. Extensive preparation will minimise the risk potential and maximises the team's chances of success.

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