Pen Hadow
Role within team Founder & Director, Expedtion Leader, Head of Surveying
Background TBC
Furthest North North Geographic Pole
Favourite Journey To watch my son play rugby and my daughter's dancing performances
Top Passport Stamp Sredny military base, northern Siberia, Arctic Ocean
When Not Working Wouldn't know!
Desert Island Book The Oxford Book of English Verse
Guilty Pleasure TBC
Would Most Like To Meet TBC
Hero / Heroine TBC
Luxury Item TBC
Shameless Plug TBC
Pet Hate TBC

Recent Activity
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Sunday, 15th February 2009
Posted by Pen Hadow

You know you’re making progress North when…...more
Posted by Pen Hadow

I know I must be travelling somewhere because suddenly I don’t even know how to extract water from a tap....more
Tuesday, 03rd February 2009
Google Earth
Posted by Pen Hadow

Whenever it snows in my neck of the woods, I feel the sap rising in my sledging legs....more
Monday, 02nd February 2009
Mission driven
Posted by Pen Hadow

Of a bewildering array of thoughts swimming around in my head today, one has struck for the surface, indicative of the gel that holds us together....more

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