Martin Hartley
Role within team Expedition Photographer / film maker
Background Northern Lad
Furthest North All the way
Favourite Journey To the pub
Top Passport Stamp Not sure all faded in the washing machine last week
When Not Working Taking photos
Desert Island Book The Home Planet
Guilty Pleasure TBC
Would Most Like To Meet TBC
Hero / Heroine TBC
Luxury Item TBC
Shameless Plug TBC
Pet Hate TBC

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Tuesday, 20th January 2009
A Frozen Ocean
Posted by Martin Hartley

Back in the tent for the first time in ages, I am once again reminded why lack of total recall is a blessing...snow, ice, frozen water, it is the reason we are all here. It is one of the most beautiful things Mother Nature has given us....more
Friday, 16th January 2009
Polar Packing
Posted by Martin Hartley

On the surface of it, nothing much seemed to happen today, (although a lot did get done) nothing of any note nor anything particularly memorable actually happened....more
Tuesday, 13th January 2009
2363 Miles from home
Posted by Martin Hartley

Sat inside a small wooden house on the Island of Qikiqtarjuat, 2363 miles from my home in London only 4 or 5 inches separate me and my laptop from the outside where the environment is definitely Arctic....more

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