Latest from the ICE
Present location
34N 46'' 50.12
32E 42'' 54.5
Total distance travelled 18 km
Average daily distance 6 km
Estimated distance to North Pole 152.4 km
Time on ICE 3 days
Latest Update
In the final days prior to departure, whilst packing their sledges and making last minute checks of their equipment, the team have stumbled across two separate minor issues with their kit. One issue concerns the technology (which has taken this long to discover due to the late arrival of all of the freighted equipment) and the other concerns the teams' survival equipment.

Both issues are being addressed at this very moment and will be resolved in a relatively short period of time. The glitches themselves are relatively minor, but even small issues rapidly escalate into major problems in Arctic conditions if left unchecked.

Rather than rush straight out onto the ice, therefore, the team have made the decision to remain in Resolute for a further 24 hours, make sure that their kit is absolutely safe and in good working order, and then prepare to head out tomorrow.

Given the complexities of trying to fix and retest equipment out on the ice, in temperatures as low as -50ºC (-58ºF), an additional day performing these tasks in Resolute is by far the safest and most sensible option.
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