Pen Hadow
Role within team Founder & Director, Expedtion Leader, Head of Surveying
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Sunday, 26th April 2009
Mind Over Matter
Posted by Pen Hadow

“A cup of hot tea, poured from a thermos into a cup, is taking about 2 minutes to go cold now and would freeze in about 10”, says Expedition Leader Pen Hadow...more
Sunday, 12th April 2009
The Arctic Fox
Posted by Pen Hadow

“What other mammal that’s not a marine mammal could survive up to 600m offshore, on a frozen ocean and not be a marine mammal?”, he wonders, “but our little friend the Arctic Fox”....more
Friday, 27th March 2009
Progress on the ice
Posted by Pen Hadow

A slight rise in temperature (-38 degrees C at the moment) has been a positive development on the whole. It means I can spend longer outside, carrying out the experiments; the purpose of the survey....more

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