Support Team

The extensive support team which includes both physical and psychological trainers, logistics and expedition experts, communications and PR specialists, project managers and technical engineers, will ensure that the many strands of this highly complex project successfully come together.

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Support Staff Gallery, photos of team and expedition.

"Team" Blog Posts
Posted by Dominic Hilton
The Catlin Arctic Survey Team of Pen Hadow, Martin Hartley and Ann Daniels are back to a more normal schedule of sledge hauling and drilling, after the long awaited physical and mental boost......more
Thursday, 07th May 2009
Posted by Gaby Dean
People living in the UK tend to be obsessed by the weather. But thousands of kilometres away from the prospect of decent shelter, let alone a hot bath, what the weather is doing becomes something of...more
Saturday, 02nd May 2009
24 Hour Daylight
Posted by Mary Morrell
What are circadian rhythms? The term circadian means ‘about a day’ and it is used to describe the activity of the cells in our body that are responsible for functions such as the regulation of tempera...more
Tuesday, 21st April 2009
A love of small luxuries
Posted by Gaby Dean
Luxuries are rare on the ice and when they do come along they take a different form to the sort of treat we might enjoy at home. In fact, what counts as a luxury for the Ice Team is more likely to be...more
Monday, 20th April 2009
Arctic Colours
Posted by Dominic Hilton
The Arctic isn’t a place for vibrant colours. Day after day, vast expanses of pale light, white snow and ice-scapes and an endless blue sky stretch ahead of the three explorers......more
Tuesday, 14th April 2009
Polar bear hunting
Posted by Dominic Hilton
The Polar bear is the largest land carnivore and has a reputation as the only animal that actively hunts humans. They spend most of their time on Arctic ice floes, feeding on seals....more
Monday, 13th April 2009
Successful second resupply
Posted by Dominic Hilton
Today saw the second successful resupply land on the ice, with Dominic and Charlie now safely back on terra firma. The team’s food and fuel stores have been replenished......more
Thursday, 09th April 2009
Training for the Catlin Arctic Survey
Posted by Jon Stratford
As personal trainer to the ice team what was my main focus? Their physical preparation? Partly, and I’m sure that at times over recent weeks that they would rather be on their knees (literally!)...more
Thursday, 09th April 2009
Planning a Resupply
Posted by Dominic Hilton
The Catlin Arctic Survey team of Pen Hadow, Martin Hartley and Ann Daniels are patiently, or not so patiently, awaiting a re-supply....more
Wednesday, 08th April 2009
Pain management
Posted by Dr Craig McLean
Over the years the human body has been studied at length to explore our ability to deal with pain and how chemically we have defenses to enable us to tolerate high levels of pain....more
Monday, 06th April 2009

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