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From the Ice
Logistically, all the loose ends of the expedition have now been tied up.

On the 5th June, Kenn Borek Air scooped up the remaining fuel drums from our fuel cache on the Arctic Ocean, before returning to the base at Resolute.

Today all the freight arrived back at the Ops Room here in London. The laborious task of putting it into some sort of order begins. Some of the kit (sledges, clothing, drills etc) will be used for display purposes, some will be binned and some will be stored for any future projects...more

Polar Data
The results from the Catlin Arctic Survey have now been submitted for archiving on the Polar Data Catalogue of Canadian Cryospheric Information Network.

 This is an archiving database scientists, academics and researchers use to find data to help them with their studies. The public can also access the data when it has been uploaded by the administrators along with other research work at

From the Ice
Panasonic LUMIX Image of the day

Pen Hadow and Ann Daniels crossing a recently frozen lead
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Ice Report

Ice Report June 2009
The results collected in the first month of the Catlin Arctic Survey point to an unexpected lack of thicker Multiyear Ice
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