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May 2009
IPVMS now supports QT Streaming
  07 May 2009

Our CDN has been updated more thoroughly today to enable us to reliably stream to the growing global community of iPhone users increasingly demanding access to video content when connected through wi-fi networks.

QuickTime Streaming Server provides native support for streaming H.264, MPEG-4 and 3GPP files — so content runs on any standards-compliant media player on Mac and Windows as well as variety of standards-compliant devices such as mobile phones and set-top-boxes. The IPVMS can allow our growing number of film/video producers to easily publish their content online - whether this is to share with clients and involve them in the edit process remotely or to showcase their finished article.

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    picked up a couple of interesting video projects and wondering if anyone knows anything about producing architectural flythrough videos?
    We've had some interesting developments today in relation to the instructional video market and video annotations. Contact us for more :)
    inviting a select group of individuals for private beta testing of the IPVPS - our very own self-serve video publishing system.
    been streaming live audio from the Arctic Ocean via Satellite phone. Average day?
    has got everything crossed for tomorrow. Confederation Cup final streamed live from South Africa via IP.