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May 2009
Pharma eMarketing Conference in Munich
  01 May 2009

IP spent 2 days in Munich for a very interesting conference on emarketing convering a whole host of emarketing principles which could be translated to a number of other markets other than pharma.

22 speakers covered a wealth of topics from mobile comms, twitter as well as CRM tools. All presentation content was captured digitally and published through the IPVMS conference player.

For information on our service for conference companies please contact our dedicated conference team.

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  3. Twitter
    picked up a couple of interesting video projects and wondering if anyone knows anything about producing architectural flythrough videos?
    We've had some interesting developments today in relation to the instructional video market and video annotations. Contact us for more :)
    inviting a select group of individuals for private beta testing of the IPVPS - our very own self-serve video publishing system.
    been streaming live audio from the Arctic Ocean via Satellite phone. Average day?
    has got everything crossed for tomorrow. Confederation Cup final streamed live from South Africa via IP.