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May 2009
LIVE Broadcasts from Arctic Ocean
  13 May 2009

Pen and the team from the Catlin Arctic Survey called in over the past few days for a series of audio webcasts to mark the end of the expedition. The first two broadcasts took place via satellite phone from the ice, around 200 miles from the North Pole. The first heard them discuss various feelings and reflections whilst they waited for the aircraft to land on the runway they had prepared; the second took place at Eureka, a weather station deep on the floating sea ice.

The third and fourth webcast took place in Resolute Bay, in the Canadian High Arctic - an extremely isolated part of the world with limited connectivity. Whilst encoders had been sent out to meet the team here at Resolute, after some bandwidth tests it was concluded that we would encode here in London via a telephone call. The results were squeaky clean and well recieved. Questions came in thick and fast from an active audience of press looking to get the latest news from the explorers. Subsequently, the story has been covered extensively in the traditional broadcast world - BBC News and a whole host of broadcasters throughout the world.

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