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Streaming Media Services
Introducting IP's Video Management Suite

IP provides world class streaming media services through an advanced web based application - the IPVMS - which manages advanced feature-rich video players and videos distributed across a global and award winning CDN.

The IPVMS delivers a scaleable suite of video publishing, advanced player configuration options, analytics and monetization capabilities for businesses of all sizes.


The IPVMS is scaleable and extensible to adapt quickly to the continual set of evolving requirements necessary for delivering cutting edge online video solutions.

IPVMS Overview

Media Management

Video content ingested via a batch upload form, a desktop uploader or via FTP is managed through a Media Manager. This allows the user to efficiently process and publish videos in batches or on a project by project basis and ensures that end to end workflows are optimised.
Automatic Thumbnail Generation / Selection
Quick Preview
Automatic File grouping
(facilitates dynamic delivery)
Format Agnostic
(Flash, Windows Media, Quicktime)
Batch Extraction of Preview URLs /
Embed Codes / Streaming Protocols

Player Library

The IPVMS contains a growing library of customizable video players for seamless integration with any website. All video players support a number of standard and advanced features which include:
Dynamic Bitrate Delivery
Colour configurable
Logo Overlays and Branding
Download Alternative Video Formats
(eg. iPhone)
Additional Information Panel
Web 2.0 Share Features


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We work with global brands, digital agencies, production companies and a range of small businesses seeking to exploit the use of video online.
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