Kevin Eyres, LinkedIn
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Kevin Eyres, LinkedIn
30 mins 15 seconds

The changing face of networking: how is social media and online networking changing business, entrepreneurship, hiring and innovation?

Social media LinkedIn
Asad Ur Rehman, Unilever
33 mins 26 seconds

The Dogmas of the Quiet Past: how consumers consume media is changing brand engagement

Peter Fitzgerald, Google
23 mins 58 seconds

New realities for Ecommerce

e-commerce google
Don Shields, Sapient Nitro
40 mins 35 seconds

Multi-Channel Trends in Retailing

Nigel Vaz, SapientNitro
24 mins 5 seconds

Multi Channel Marketing and Multi Channel Commerce: Connecting the brand promise to customer experiences across channels to generate differentiated results

ecommerce SapientNitro
Digital Marketing is Growing up
32 mins 26 seconds

Jimmy Schougaard, Ogilvy and Peter Visholm, Agilic discuss why integrated digital marketing is a must

Digital Marketing Ogilvy Agilic
Doug Monro, Zoopla
30 mins 2 seconds

Innovation & Acquisition: How a pureplay (property) startup can thrive in a recession

Zoopla startup
Meg Pickard, Guardian News and media
34 mins 40 seconds

Content, communities & collaboration: how Guardian News & Media is making media social

Social media The Guardian
Angus Struthers, Trip Advisor
31 mins 19 seconds

Harnessing social media to extend your brand: how online communities, user generated content, customer engagement and customer loyalty build the brand

Social media TripAdvisor
34 mins 3 seconds

The online planning currency that brand advertisers have been waiting for

Jon Bains, Obsolete and Lateral
34 mins 51 seconds

Designing the next generation agency: trust systems for collaboration thinking big and keeping small

Agency Jon Bains
How Digital has revolutionised shopping habits
31 mins 20 seconds

The role of the internet in changing shopping habits with reference to multiple platforms

Digital Markus Rottmaier Marie Thirlwall
Jonathan Lewis, Five
23 mins 35 seconds

Cross platform syndication: the future for terrestial TV?

TV Five
Jane Nicholson, Tourism Queensland
31 mins 52 seconds

The best job in the world: Integrating traditional and social media

Social media
Simon Wardley, Canonical
32 mins 6 seconds

Situation normal, everything must change

Simon Wardley